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Funn 'N Games

Funn 'n Games represents a one book compilation of the material represented in the four volumes previously entitled Funn Stuff, and as such, delivers over 300 pages of adventure games, initiatives, trust activities, miscellaneous funn, and seeds of serendipity (including 23 NEW activities not included in Funn Stuff.) I added, deleted, adjusted, rearranged, maintained and rethought the whole Funn Stuff series to offer what is now available, a highly usable games and initiative reference in one book.

If you want theory, buy one of those ominous, dark spined books with few illustrations and even less hands-on activities. But if you want (need) exciting and immediately usable ideas to implement into your program RIGHT NOW, and a few laughs along the way, Funn 'n Games will soon become your "go to" resource.

330 Pages, Paperback, 2004©
ISBN: 0-7575-0846-4

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        Table of Contents
Funn 'n Games Intro
About the Author
Author's Comments
Adventure Games
Initiative Problems
Ropes Course Construction
  and Implementation
Opinions, Tips and Truisms
Adventure Miscellany
XYZ Potpourri

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