Books by Karl Rohnke

Frequently Asked Questions

Which book came first?

The original Cowstails and Cobras (black cover) was published in 1977. Silver Bullets - 1984. Cowstails and Cobras 11 - 1991. QuickSilver - 1995. A Small Book About Large Group Games - 2002. Funn 'n Games - 2004. The Bottomless Bag Revival - 2004

How much overlap of activities is there among these books?

There is some overlap between Silver Bullets and The Bottomless Bag Revival - I'd guess maybe 25% of rewritten and updated material. There is essentially no duplication between Silver Bullets and Cowstails and Cobras II. There is essentially no activity duplication in QuickSilver, The Bottomless Bag Revival, and Funn 'n Games.

Which book is best for curriculum development?

Probably QuickSilver with The Bottomless Bag Revival running a close second. Funn 'n Games, page for page, has the most games and initiative problems.

Does Small Book About Large Group Games have all new games?

As I indicate in the preface to the book, "ALL of the games and initiatives included in this book can be found in other books I've authored." Small book . . . is a collection of activities that I found are best adapted to large groups. Included are specific comments about facilitation of those particular games as applied to large groups.

What is Bottomless Bag Revival about?

Bottomless Bag Revival has essentially the same text (some minor deletions and additions) as The Bottomless Bag Again with a new size format and cover. Considering that game books are somewhat timeless, the changes were made to give an older book a new feel, rather than just reprinting it. This book is a treasure of activities and is my favorite curriculum source.

Is Funn 'n Games just about games?

Funn 'n Games is a compilation of the four books in the Funn Stuff series (now out-of-print). I decided to compile the four books to allow some additions (about 23 new activities), deletions (get rid of the "deadwood"), and make the "package" more convenient. In addition to games, there are sections in the book about initiative problems, trust activities, adventure implementation, ropes course construction, i.e. if you are familiar with my work, those things you would expect from me as an author.

What other books have you written?

Check out the other books on this web page. Out-of-print books include: Cranking Out Adventure (bicycle touring), On the Edge Games for Youth Ministry, The Bottomless Bag (the original "bag" book), The Bottomless Baggie (another bag-book of games, etc.), High Profile (how to build a climbing wall . . .). If you are interested in obtaining any of these out-of-print books check with They provide a service that attempts to locate hard to find books. Caveat: out-of-print books are more expensive than currently available books.