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Slightly Skewed Vignettes

Let me save you the trouble. Vignette - "a short descriptive literary sketch" or "a brief incident or scene." And it's pronounced Vin-Yet, accent the YET.

This is a small book of 18 short autobiographical stories (vignettes) with Karl Rohnke as the author and person at risk. Having written close to 20 expository (designed to convey information) books I wanted to try writing fiction, so, one of these 18 short stories is an autobiographical fabrication. If you buy the book and actually care which story is apocryphal (of doubtful authenticity), contact me and I will tell you.

This eighteen story anthology presents in detail, personal action scenarios worth avoiding; parachuting, bungee jumping, blowing things up, hunting monkeys, spearing sharks, etc. (One astute reader suggested changing the title to Slightly Screwed Up Vignettes.)

This signed book is available directly from Karl Rohnke. The cost is $7.50 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. Send your request for Slightly Skewed Vignettes to me at: 63 Sugar Creek Trail; Galena, IL 61036, including payment by check, money order, or cash, and your return address. If sending cash make sure you put the $10 inside a folded piece of opaque paper.

131 Pages
ISBN: 0-8403-7852-1

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Chapter 1.   Kitchen Capers
Chapter 2.   The Pigeon Contract
Chapter 3.   Wrongs of Passage
Chapter 4.   O Positive Chum
Chapter 5.   Catalina Canoe
Chapter 6.   Frank
Chapter 7.   The Plastic Pigeon
Chapter 8.   Heavy Duty Dipping
Chapter 9.   Orange Parachuting
Chapter 10.   Parachute Perambulations
Chapter 11.   Oz Waters
Chapter 12.   3-2-1...Bungeeeeeeee!!!
Chapter 13.   Bungee Cord Shenanigans
Chapter 14.   The Tower
Chapter 15.   Rock Running
Chapter 16.   PA Roadie
Chapter 17.   Bottom Line Dune Jumping
Chapter 18.   Monkey Business

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