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Silver Bullets: A Guide to Initiative Problems, Adventure Games and Trust Activities

Silver Bullets features 165 adventure activities that have been used by teachers, counselors, therapists, camp personnel, church leaders and others who want an effective and engaging means of bringing people together and building trust.

The basis for this book was a quarterly subscription publication called Bag of Tricks that Karl made available for 16 years. It consisted of an eclectic potpourri of whatever seemed topical, had some curriculum validity, and made Karl laugh.

The included photos date the book (hair styles, outlandish clothing), but the activities are timeless, resulting in continued strong sales for this classic book.

Historical Fact: During the early years of Project Adventure, I traveled alone (there weren't many of us back then) to many of the training jobs, eventually gaining the occupational nick name of The Lone Ranger. I'd show up, work with the people on site, then drive off at the end of a work day. The question often asked was, "Who was that masked man?" If you recall the old radio version of The Long Ranger you may remember when the "masked rider" rode off into the sunset (with a hearty Hi-Ho Silver!), he always left behind a silver bullet. When I left at the end of a training day I left behind a series of games, or . . . Silver Bullets

192 Pages
ISBN: 0-8403-5682-X

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     64 games listed
     12 trust activities listed
     37 initiatives listed
     53 stunts listed

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