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A Small Book About Large Group Games

The 23 games and activities included in this small book can be used with small or large groups, but the emphasis is upon how to use or adapt them to large groups (50-500 people). Does the thought of facilitating sessions of 50, 75 or 100+ participants cause you to have a convenient excuse ready as to why ". . .that particular date isn't good for me?" Perhaps what you need is an experienced guide and a batch of tried and true activities to maneuver through the yips and anxieties of looking at "all those faces."

The text alternates from regular print to bold. Regular print represents those things you need to know about the activities; rules, venue, etc. Bold print is Karl talking to you about tips and tricks specific to showing up, things to say, situations, what can go wrong, group size, etc.

A bonus final chapter by Gloree Rohnke covers the validity, practicality, and usefulness of processing with a large group.

104 Pages
ISBN: 0-7872-9704-6
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                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

Panic Pages
Heel Clicker
Galloping Hands
Hog Call
Projected Proverbs
Pairs Tag
Everybody's IT
Up Chuck
Cutey a.k.a. QT a.k.a. Quick Touch
    Weird Walking
The Dog Shake
Two-Lip Traverse
Balloon Frantic
Jumping Jack Flash a.k.a. Hop Box
Hand Jive a.k.a. Patty Cake
Tiny Teaching
Subway Sardines
Yurt Rope
PDQ (Play Determinet Quotient)
F.U.N.N.= Functional Understanding's
     Not Necessary...Or Is It?

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