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Forget Me Knots

The rope vocabulary and knot sequences in this book relate, as much as possible, only to ropes (challenge) course activities. The book's content is meant more as a reminder than a definitive text on the subject of knots. A bowline-on-a-bight learned on day two of a workshop often becomes a tangle of memory snipets and rabbits-in-holes by the time a participant returns home. Here's text support that beats a last minute phone call looking for help on those elusive cordage twists and turns; illustrations and photographs throughout.

80 Pages, 1992©
ISBN: 0-8403-7138-1

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The Knots

Bowline on-a-Bight
Bowline Around an Object
Figure Eight Loop
Nonsense Knots
     Tugboat Bowline a.k.a. The John Wayne Bowline
     Thread the Needle
     Puppy Knots a.k.a. Philadelphia Knots
Killick Hitch
Prusik Knot
Butterfly Knot
Timber Hitch
Eye and End Splicing

Special Techniques and Applications

Zip Wire and Fidget Ladder Tightening Process
Rollo's Wrap - A Self-Belay
Studebaker and Swiss Seat Pelvic Wraps
Coiling a Rope
     The Hangman's or Alpine Coil
     The Chainstitch Coil
Cut and Burn
      Rope Types/Usage on Ropes Courses

Rope Types
Knot Applications
     Butterfly Knot
     Figure Eight Loop
     Safety or Tunnel Knot (Double Overhand)
     Square Knot
     Double Fisherman's Knot (Barrel Knot)
     Killick Hitch
     Back Splice
     Eye Splice



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