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The Bottomless Bag Revival

The Bottomless Bag Revival is Karl's attempt to keep alive the original spirit, heart, and fun associated with adventure/experiential education. Have you been hearing comments that adventure education has become just a series of "been there, done that" activities? Consider: it's not how many new activities are available, it's how well you use the old ones.

Karl's take on adventure programming is detailed in such a way that the basic development and combining of communication, cooperation, and trust within a matrix of fun and enjoyment becomes both the "grail" and raison d'être of this both paradoxically simple and profound approach to learning and life.

For faithful readers of Karl's various books on adventure/experiential education, "Revival" is basically the same book as The Bottomless Bag Again!?, with a new cover, new size, and some text changes.

350 Pages, Paperback, 1993©
ISBN: 0-7575-0878-2

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An Operational Paradigm 
Reader's Digestive 

Chapter 1 Warm-Ups/Exercises 
Chapter 2 Trust Activities 
Chapter 3 Stunts 
Chapter 4 JUST PLAIN Games 
Chapter 5 Initiative Problems 
 Part I No Props 
 Part II Minimum Props 
Chapter 6 Sit-Down, No-Sweat Activities 
Chapter 7 No Competition Scenarios 
Chapter 8 Curriculum Tidbits 
Chapter 9 Ropes Course Construction 
Chapter 10 Ropes Course Implementation 
Chapter 11 Disclaimers/Opinions
Chapter 12 Safety 
Chapter 13 Miscellaneous 
Chapter 14 Quarterly Quotes 

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